Ready to add that addition or renovate any aspect of your homes interior?  Let us create a set of working drawings that meet current building codes and get your permit application on its way.

Interior Design

Whether your vision is big or small, we’ll tailor a design plan that works for you.  Our process is generally broken down into five phases:

Phase 1 – Programming

In the first meeting we determine your needs, the project scope, and an ideal budget.  We will then complete a code search and zoning study, coordinate the involvement of other consultants if required, and create a final program for your approval.

Phase 2 – Schematic Design

In Schematic Design we come up with solutions to meet our established design challenges.  We will often develop a few concept alternatives providing an approximate budget estimate.  In our schematic design meeting we determine which solution to move forward with.

Phase 3 – Design Development

Design Development is where our concept is further refined.  Details and methods of fabrication are determined, and we select furniture, furnishings and equipment.  During this phase we carry out in-house design reviews while maintaining communication with our client throughout, and finally hold a client approval meeting.

Phase 4 – Construction Documents

During the Construction Documents phase we refine drawings to the point of being ready for fabrication.  We confirm the final drawings meet building code requirements and review documents with the building department if required.

Phase 5 – Contract Administration

In the Contract Administration phase we review shop drawings and samples and receive a construction schedule from the contractor.  We then work with the contractor throughout construction to verify that the work is being conducted in accordance with the contract documents.  We attend scheduled site visits to review the progress of work.

Universal and Accessible Design

As Registered Interior Designers our grasp on the principles, codes and standards related to Universal and Accessible Design enables us to identify solutions that make spaces safer, more comfortable and more user friendly.

Site Measures

If your goal is to attain updated plans of your building or space, we will conduct a site measure and develop a set of existing drawings.